Dagens lardom: Krabbor kan hoppa!

Postat av: john

tack för att man fick komma:)

ha de så jätte bra nu!!


2008-01-03 @ 11:31:02
Postat av: Doug Farrer

Hello Linnea!
From the photos on your blog It looks like you are having a good time in Hawaii!
My wife, Stacey went to BYU Hawaii when she was your age and had a really good time.
She did not like the little lizzards that climbed on the walls of her apartment, and she saw lots of big insects that bothered her.
But other than that she liked it!

Did you hear that Madi got engaged over the holidays?
She has been dating this guy now for about 1 1/2 years.
He was a senior at her school when she was a sophomore, but they did not know each other very well.
He got home from his mission in Detroit, MI and they have been dating ever since.
He is very active, like Madi, they love to ski, bike, climb, camp, backpack, SCUBA, kayak, and everything outdoor and active together.
His name is Tyler McQueen.

They are getting married May 17th, in the Salt Lake City Temple, then they are going to spend the summer in Hawaii!
They are going to look for jobs, Tyler has a friend that is selling home security (alarm) systems in Hawaii this summer, so he is thinking about doing that on Oahu, or if that does not work out, they may get jobs at a friend of the family's resort on Maui.

Will you still be there in May?
If so, you should get together when they get there.
Boman is going over to live with them for the month of July, and then to Kauai in August.

Well, I hope you are having fun in Hawaii.


Douglas Farrer

2008-01-03 @ 18:00:40
Postat av: c3EM

Du är saknad, fortsätt med din fina blogg och ha det kul!

2008-01-03 @ 19:48:58

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